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Ebikes on subscription for delivery services.

With a subscription from DKK 799/month you get your own delivery ebike incl. free service and repair

easy and simple

Your benefits with a Wheeling ebike

All-inclusive servicing

If something happens we will fix the bike within 24 hours

Capability & comfort

Reliable ebikes designed for extended use

Flexible terms

No strings attached or hidden fees

Wheeling ebikes

Ebikes that keeps you running all the time

Wheeling Delivery ebikes feature an industry leading 518Wh battery pack and powerful electric motor, allowing effortless cruising speeds of up to 25km/h come rain or shine.

1. Accelerate your delivery game

We know that you have expectations from your bicycle. To that end, our Wheeling Delivery ebike sport a beefed up frame, thicker sidewall tires, and an ISO-certified rack that can carry loads up to 25 kilos. Theese attributes come together to deliver you the smoothest possible ride across town.

  • 50-90 km estimated range
  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • 518Wh battery capacity
  • 5-7 hours charging time
  • 7 speed Shimano gears
  • Dual coil sprung saddle
  • Heavy duty tires

2. All the reliability, all the time

We know that you depend on your bike, and as such have no time to wait for lenghty repairs or servicing. That is why we include servicing and maintenance as part of all our Wheeling Delivery subscriptions. Any problems that you may come across will be swiftly handled free of charge by trained professionals, so that you can spend more time on the road instead of waiting for overhauls.

  • Service requests are handled within 24 hours during business days
  • We provide outbound servicing in the greater Copenhagen area
  • If you need anything fixed immediately you are always welcome to quickly visit us at our main hub in Rødovre

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